Gold, diamonds, silver, and platinum jewelry are an excellent way to get a significant amount of cash quickly! Precious metal and diamond prices have skyrocketed in the last decade, and there is no better time in history to get the most cash for your best rings, necklaces, watches, and bracelets. You may even be surprised to find out that we take broken, mismatched, and many other types of precious metal items!


Getting Cash for Jewelry!

  • Stop into Great Plains Pawn for evaluation. This is one of the few items that we are unable to quote over the phone as most items need to be examined under magnification and weighed on a scale.
  • We guarantee to pay you fair and honesty prices for your gold, silver, and diamonds. If your gold and platinum broken, mismatched or otherwise – we still want it!
  • We will also evaluate diamonds and gemstones, getting you top dollar for each and every piece.
Great Plains Pawn Cash For Jewelry

Buy Jewelry at GREAT Prices!

If you are looking to buy jewelry, look no further! You will be happy to know that the jewelry that we sell, is exactly the same jewelry purchased at reputable jewelers throughout the country, but you only pay a fraction of new price!

Worried about buying used? Don’t be! Here’s why:

  • You are able to return jewelry for 10 days as long as it is the exact same condition once returned.
  • Feel free to have the stones, gold, and silver evaluated by a third party! If any issues arrise, we will get things sorted out!
  • Sometimes used jewelry has a stigma of a failed marriage, and things of that nature. You will be happy to know that this situation is rare. More often than not, it has been sold to us because the individual has simply upgraded, or no longer wears that ring.
  • Additionally, you may have already purchased used without realizing it! We sell our pieces to many jewelry stores. They simply use our excellent prices, and take the pieces back to their store. The jewelers may not mention thatthe jewelry was used, or simply call them estate pieces.