What is a pawn? Can it hurt my credit score? Must I get my items back if I don’t want them anymore?

Pawn Shops have been around for literally thousands of years, and for good reason! Great Plains Pawn helps our under-banked community get cash when they need it most. We often hear stories about how helpful cash can be in times of need, especially in today’s uncertain economy.

Unlike your typical loan, defaulting on a pawn loan does not go against your credit score, and does not require any sort of credit check! You are able to bring us an item of value, and get cash in hand! Simple! The only decision you need to make is if you want your item back or not. If you do, simply pay the principal plus interest and have your property once again!

If you chose not to get the merchandise, give us a call to let us know, or just stop paying interest. It is as easy as that! Your credit score will not be dinged, and we will not bother you to get your items back. Pawns are very flexible!

Text Quoting

Know the amount you’re getting before leaving home! Text quoting enables our customers to text us pictures for an accurate estimate on the item being used for a pawn loan. We are able to see the condition of your items, ask questions, and nearly eliminate any surprises when you show up to get your cash!

Get Started Now:

  • Take a few pictures of the item you’d like to pawn (make sure details are clearly visible)
  • Send to (605) 799-4770
  • We will check over the pictures, ask a few questions, and let you know how much we would pay!
Great Plains Pawn Text Quoting

Pawn Terms

  • No credit check needed, get cash in hand immediately!
  • Home of 10 day 10% loans. Simply redeem your merchandise within 10 days of receiving the loan! That’s a 20% break over the competition!
  • Pawn loans lasting 11-30 days have a rate of 25%.
  • 10% rate on loans over $1,000.
  • All loans are due within 30 days of origination. You have three options on your due date:
    • Make the interest payment to extend the loan for an additional 30 days, and continue to do so for as long as you feel necessary.
    • Simply pay your original loan amount plus interest to get your item back.
    • If you no longer want the item, the loan will then expire and we will sell it. There is no ding against your credit score, and no other action is taken. We give you options!
Loan Terms